Company Culture and Business Success

Company Culture and Business Success

Every organization likes to believe that its top performers will stay with them forever. But what happens when the brightest stars leave?
Many times, the reasons to change are the monetary benefits, perks, and business exposure. You can handle those situations, at-least temporarily. But what if the reason to change is the manager or the organization’s culture?
76% of employees believe that a well-defined business strategy helps cultivate a positive work culture.
88% of employees believe a strong company culture is key to business success.
In Gallup’s study of managers, they found that, “The manager accounts for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement.”So how can you bring your company culture to life, such that it creates results?

Why do I love what I do? Here are some possible reasons:

T1. At a strategy level, start with the right employee experience strategy.
It will help you boost your ability to attract, engage and develop high-performing employees.
Result- Moment of Truth where every touch point employees/ candidates have with you is authentic, inspiring employee commitment and improving your company’s performance.
2. On the ground level, statistics show that most managers are not doing the things that drive engagement. And the most basic one is having regular one on one communication.
What can you do about it?
Build strong lines of communication by making it a priority. Make one on one’s your priority 3. People want to grow! In many exit surveys lack of future career opportunities was the number one reason why people quit their job. Conduct an employee survey and you will find a majority of people are dissatisfied with growth opportunities at their companies.
What can you do about it?
Make employee growth part of a manager’s job.
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