Gallery Of Programs

Workshop on Entrepreneurship

Diversity & Inclusion

POSH Sensitization Workshop for employees

Career Management for PG Students

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Compassionate Listening Circles

Career Boost Plan

IDP for Achieving Higher Performance

Discover Your Life's Purpose

Competency Management

9 Box for Performance Management

Rising despite VUCA

The WorkLife Plan Workshop

Timeless Strategies for Time Management

Spirit of Entrepreneurship

The Game of Entrepreneurship

Time Management - Work From Home

Empowering Entrepreneurship

Work From Home Best Practices

Financial Prudence for Women

Entrepreneurship for Students

Business HR Strategy Workshop

JC Bose University Seminar on Productivity, Cost & Quality challenges in MSMEs

Employee Value Proposition Workshop

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

Communicating Effectively

Values for Life and Work!

POSH Public Workshop

IDP for Professional Growth and Development

HR Challenges & Opportunities

Communication & Collaboration

Values in Action

Personal Impact at Work

Building 5S Champions

Executive Presence Workshop

5S Auditors Program

Results Leadership Program

Leadership Development

Manager as a Coach

You’re worried your current culture may be having an adverse impact on business.

Learn how you can build an empowered, results-driven team. Address blind spots to enhance your leadership ability.